IMG_5519Welcome to a blog about thinking! Yes, I know, it sounds very exhilarating. But if you think about it, thinking thoughts are among the most basic things we do. As human beings, we are constantly thinking—thinking about what we should do next, how to solve this problem, what should we wear, or maybe if he or she feels the same way about you—we cannot get away from our thoughts!

My name is John Stickles and I enjoy thinking! More than this, however, I enjoy talking about those thoughts and hearing others’ thoughts. I enjoy it so much I have received several degrees that are related to thinking:

  • BA in Ministry: The Baptist College of Florida, 2013
  • MA in Theological Studies: Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary, 2015
  • MA in Philosophy of Religion: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2017
    • Thesis: Divine Atemporality and Static Theory: A United Defense (a.k.a. My position on God’s relation to time and a theory on the nature of time taken together are better than the alternatives. Ask me about it sometime! It’s very interesting…) (Insert eye roll)
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy: University of Birmingham, England, current student
    • Thesis (Dissertation): My research is a blend of a few different topics, where I am attempting to answer the Special Composition Question, but the composition of temporal parts, not spatial parts. In short, one major critique of temporal parts is that it seems that you must either allow for everything to compose an object (universal mereology) or nothing composes an object (nihilism mereology). However, I believe there is a way to be restricted regarding composition (restricted composition) and hold onto four-dimensional eternalism with temporal parts.

However, this page is about my blog, not me! For more information on me click here for the blog!

Thinking is essential to the human life. Before performing an action, we think. Before going to a job interview, we think. Before playing a sports game, we think. And if you participate in a running sport, e.g. cross country or track, then you are probably thinking during the sport. Perhaps the thought, “Why on earth do I like this sport?!” crosses your mind. I know it did mine every race I ran in high school! The point being, we are thinking creatures and we want to be taken seriously for our thoughts.

The “being taken seriously for our thoughts” part is the biggy. We want our opinions, outlooks, and wisdom to be taken seriously by others. To be a thoughtful person is to be a good person, at least in this one way. A thoughtless person, or “brainless” person depending on your level of hostility, is typically not a welcomed title. Yet, it seems in order to be taken seriously for your thoughts, you must necessarily be a good thinker. Everyone thinks, but not everyone thinks well. Thinking well is a learned skill that seems to be rarely taught or used in the public square, a.k.a. social media.

Therefore, this blog is about thinking thoughts!

But, why should you read this blog about thinking? There are many blogs out there about philosophy, politics, theology/religion, or some other form of thinking written by more able persons; even some with Ph.D.’s. Why does this blog matter? These are good questions, to which I cannot give an answer. This blog might interest you, but it might not. Perhaps there is something to glean from these words, but maybe there isn’t. To be frank, however, this blog is not for you. It’s for me, if I may say respectfully. I have come to understand that I am a thinking being and I would like to give these thoughts a home.

I say this not to sway you from reading. Not in the least! Instead, I am merely acknowledging the limits to my own thoughts, influence, and appeal. I like to think I am a good writer, but hey! – I may not be. I am a severely limited, finite creature who is persuaded by my biases, even if I do not recognize them. What’s humbling about this blog is that I know I am not always thinking well, yet I am writing on thinking well. So what is written should not be taken as expert advice. Instead, it should be read as a fellow thinker working his way through the muck. This is only one reason why this blog may not be for you; this blog is written by someone who is not there yet.

I have a saying I like to remind myself that I’d like to share with you. There is no new idea under the sun, but I enjoy the reminder and the form of this maxim: An idea is a most dangerous thing to have. By this, I simply mean, ideas are what cause movements, experiments, new technology, new philosophies and sciences, political views, ethics, religion, and a wide scope of other humanistic interests. Ideas have the power of the mind and heart. Therefore, it would be wise for us to think well so that this power moves us in the right direction.

And this blog does just that; in no more than 600 words…ish. What a deal!

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